Time management

oday I wanted to reflect on time management and on how we can try to fit everything we need to do in the day in 24 hours. I am not the best time manager in the world but having a really busy schedule I have learned some tricks along the way that might be useful. Little disclamour here, I have just turned 19 and my life is not all put together. I usually do all these things but sometimes I am just a kiddo living away from home who eats chocolate oatmeal all day long. Also, I am a full time dancer and a 2-year university student. I either get my study done or sleep, ’cause skipping dance or conditioning is not an option. If you have any other suggestions for time  please share them in the comment section, I need to become a master to survive university

  1. Plan ahead

I Can’t stress enough about how crucial planning is for me. Especially in university. We only have one big exam for each class at the end of each session and I can’t manage to study everything all at once. At the beginning of every semester/month/week, i plan what I am supposed to be doing during the timeframe making sure to leave at least 30% of time free just in case something happened and I can’t finish everything at any given time.

2. Get enough sleep

To be honest I am really bad at this one but sleep is essential to both physical and mental health. You don’t want to be sleep deprived when you have to give your best. Plus stress level rises when you don’t sleep, it makes no sense to study up until 2 in the morning and then not being able to give your best in class.

3. Find time for yourself

There’s no way I can keep up with school, dance and social life without taking time for myself. Doesn’t matter if is having a coffee with a friend or reading a book. I need that me time to be a nice human being, ya know! I know that finding time for ourselves is really difficult when I have a crazy schedule for the day my go to is a 5 min guided meditation.

4.   Eat Healthily

You are what you eat. Food is fuel and your brain is a glucose lover. Your brain uses literally more glucose than any other organ. If you have never tried it check out meal prepping. When I have nothing ready to eat is always tempting to have a biscuit instead of rice and beans. (and yes, that’s ice cream. I believe ice cream to be healthy)

This is it for today, I am on the craziest schedule ever but I will try to post more consistently, I promise. If you want to see what am I up to make sure to follow me on Instagram and on my studygram. Love you all, have an amazing day, you deserve it. Mirta.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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  1. Hi! I’m agree with you about this topic. I’m not a professional dancer (wow, this is amazing for you) but, like you, it is really important to me to spend some time forfor my healthy habits. I love reading too, but when I work it is quite difficult to have free time to do it! I sometimes do some yoga in order to relax myself when I have a crazy period, it could be helpful. (:

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