solo travel 2018

I am back from a month and a half around Europe and I couldn’t have had a greater time.

Before leaving I was kind of skeptical about traveling alone but along the journey that’s been probably the most fascinating part of all. being alone I was able to live and travel according to my own speed and needs. I could wander around London all day long and come back to the hostel at 10 pm without doing anything mayor all day long. I was able to listen to so much music that my phone would die to do to in and not due to social media consumption.

Along the way, I have met people with the craziest lives and stories. Most of them I will never see them again. Nevertheless, the time I spent have with them showed me that there’s no one way of living. People can be nomad, can move around every year for their entire existence. I love how this trip changed my perception of what traveling is and what I want to do while traveling. For the first time, I didn’t want to visit the touristic attractions but rather spend time in the local libraries, get to know the local artists and just spending time hanging out around the city.


Traveling around Europe not only gave me time to have fun and explore different cultures but also gave a break from dancing. Now, I love dancing to the moon and back, it’s the single thing I have done for all my life and makes me feel safe and at home. But last spring I had some trouble finding good emotional material to dance on.  During this trip, I have danced in some of the most scenic and situations. But for the first time, I wasn’t afraid of dancing in public. One night I danced on the rivers of the Thame in London just because I felt like it. I was out with a friend of mine who is in the music industry. He started singing and I started dancing. there are other situations like this. and so much thinking came out of these experiences. but all of this is for another time. 

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