Backpacking list for 6 weeks in Europe.

I am leaving in a couple of days for an amazing 6 week trip around Europe. I will be bringing with me only 2 small backpacks to store all my clothes, toiletry and technology and photography gears. Am I mad? Maybe. Anyway, this is my guide on how to travel light and make the most out of what you bring with you.


  1. Bring versatile pieces.

When you have to make such a drastic downsize you want to make sure to be able to mix and match top and bottoms to create as many outfits as possible.


  1. Check the weather.

I am going to London and I have a rain jacket, but that’s me. 99.9% of people should bring one. Make sure to pack at least one modest outfit for visiting churches and other religious buildings. Also you don’t need ton of undergarments, there are washing machines in every hostel, make sure to have enough for a few days and at worst you can always hand-wash them.


  1. Pack in line with your stile

I am a very frugal person when it comes to fashion. I only wear shorts and tops in summer, occasionally a dress for fancy occasions. Therefore, I only packed one pair of boho pants for churches no yeans or skirts.


      4.  Shoes are important.

If you are backpacking, chances are you are going to walk a ton. Make sure to have a pair of comfortable sneakers of running shoes to support you arch and save you a couple of blisters. I personally am bringing my all times favourite running shoes, the asics GT 2000 and a pair of Teva that can be used both as sandals and flip flops. I’m not planning to on running during this trip cause of my bad knee but just in case I have running essentials.


this are my basics: 

  • 3 thank tops; one plain green and a printed Union flag. another pastel one for yoga and running. 
  • 2 t shirts; my all-time favourite Levis and a plain grey for sleeping/dance classes and plane rides
  •  4 pair of shorts: 2 Nike spandex for hat days, running dance and sleeping.  2 Jens one: back and blue. 
  • one pair of legging and a zip up hoodie in case of cold
  • a dress for fancier occasions
  • 2 sport bras and 3 bathing suits (some still missing) 
  • enough underwear to last me a week. 

I am still missing my dancewear for ballet. I will back only one Leo one pair of tights and slippers. Pointe are too bulky and I probably won’t use them anyway. 

If there’s any space left, I might also be bringing a third pair of shoes Just in Case I want to do jazz funk or I want to have proper footwear for a dress. Although I might as well use that space for snacks. 

Am I doing something crazy ? let me know what you think and follow me arounfd europe on social media. Here’s Instargram and theotherinstagram .

Photos by Agnieszka Boeske and Laura Lefurgey-Smith  Unsplash


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