A few weeks ago I was in france with my family for some quality time all together. I got to do some amazing stuff such as walking up at 5 am to go taking photos, finally seeing the sea after 2 year and visiting Monte Carlo.  My siblings are not the biggest funs of nature so I want on a “hike” with my parents while they were sleeping. 

Now, I love hiking. No, I love feeling tired from hiking and I love the view and the connection with nature and the earth. But I hate the sweat and the dripping and falling. 


Anyways, I felt in love with this hike that is at cap d’Antibes. There’s the sea that’s so bule and green and there’s allt hoese rocks tha you can jump in between and climb. there’s a part that’s in the middle of trees and bushes and is just so enrouting with the earth and other living creatures. 

The place is great to go running, expecially early in the morning when none is aroud. the water has amazing colors and it’s super clean. Alibeth i would ony take a swim only if the sea is completely calm, otherwise there are nasty rocks i don’t want to be hugged by. 

The place is free and beautiful and the perfect place to burn all the amaging baguette and food  you can enjoy on the french coast. I hope I will go back soon. For now, i just dream about it. 

I promise more posts are coming and that I didn’t forget that mirtagf exists. But I was busy with school and dance and life. I will try harder. thank you for your patient and your time. 

Now go ahead and be awesome. 

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