Exploring Canada

After a year in the same city having to go to school was very nice to visit Toronto with on worries what so ever. Toronot is extremely varius for scenarios, color textures and inhabitants. I am not the greatest photographer but I was able to to cach some of the atmospheres that are with in the city. 


Surprinsingly enough Toronto is full of local shops and gtting lost arround the city I leared to love them and apreciate their unicity in a fast consuming era like ours. In ottawa, with few ecceptions I had no chances to see any of these extremely local shops that give to the city that unique and unforgettabel taste.

me 365 days of change

If toronto is extrememly energetic, full of life and textures, ottawa on the other side in way more brithsh and relaxd. There’s no big skyscraper, no mourning rush in the subway and for me no place to call home.


Despite everything I have said I have lived in Toronto for 10 monthad and spent in Ottawa only a few days. I would love to go beack and tell you how’s like to live in Ottawa.

See you soon, hopefully, Mirtagf 

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