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This website is pretty much empty but I feel like is time to create some content and see how it goes. Since I am finally out of high school I am about to open a new chapter of my life and I want this space to be part of it.

I would like this to be an outlet to express my passions thoughts and adventures. First and forms to go back one day and see how I have changed and how lucky I have been but surely this outlet is also to create a community to support and grow sharing ideas toughs and experiences.

Being an aspiring dancer I would tell my adventures in this journey of exploring space body and music and see where this journey is going to bring me. I have been dancing for 14/15 years now and dance in definitely a big part of my identity. In addition to that I feel like there is very little representation of post-secondary student-dancer, documenting my experience might be fun to read for someone one day.

Growing up is a great jourey. Hit record and share everything I come in touch with is something I can’t wait to do. Not only because is way more fun than keep everything secret but also because I want to know what you think about my trial and error.

I love living and healthy lifestyle. Training, eating clean and taking care of myself are things that I am learning along the way. There are many different challenges and experiences yet to try. Fitness and health should be priority to everyone. There needs to be space for those on this website.

Another reason why I want to cultivate this platform is that, despite apparece, I can be very insecure of what I say and how people would react when I stand out for something I care about. This got better a lot durign my year aborad but still, is something I need to work on.

So, thank you so much for reading and see you soon, love Mirta.

P.S. follow m on Instagram main and I just started a dance/fitness one 😍









2 Replies to “New beginning”

  1. Ciao cara, ho scoperto ora dell’esistenza del tuo blog e sono molto contenta che anche tu abbia intrapreso questa avventura!! So che rimanere attivi non è facile, perché nonostante tutto quello che si dica in giro, avere un blog richiede tempo ed energie. Spero che troverai anche tu il modo di esprimere liberamente la tua creatività attraverso questa piattaforma, nel frattempo ti auguro un buon rientro dal Canada che spero sia stato pieno di emozioni e divertimento.
    Sara xx

    1. non ti so dire quanto questo commento mi abbia fatto piacere,c ome ben sai c’è tanto lavoro e poca soddisfazione ma si va avanti. L’esperienza canadese è stata una grande scuola di vita, come immagino lo sia stata l’austalia. PS. non pensare che io non legga il tuo blog. Mirta 🙂

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