What I have learn this year as a dancer

This year has been probably the most valuable yeas that I have ever had in dance. Not because I had better training of because I had better teachers but because every single year. I lear how to push harder and being  smarter about the way I train and absorbe the information given me. In addiction to that I also had the pooprtunity of train in a different studio, in a different country with a different approach; this has been a huge shock, in a positive way 😉 For this reas this post is a reflection about everything that happend from septermber up untill the end of May. This experience needs to be lived and felt on your own skin but I hope that you can somehow get something out of this reading.

Taking care of myself is important

This year has been both phisically and menthally very stressful and demanding… and amazing. I was dancing anything between 15 and 20 hours a week away from home in a new country, and at least at the beginning without knowing anyone. This year I had to learn that was ok not to go full out all the time if I had a 8 hours dance day. I understood that was ok not being the happiest or them most deaning from myself all the time. My ballet teacher loves telling me to “be gentile with yourelf and take care of your body”. My body like any other deserves ot be rispectedd and listend to. I learned that taking a step back prevents injuries. We hear this all the time but definitely  true. When we are really tier is tremendously easy to get injured; learning to  be in control is essential for health safety.


Let it go 🙃

I always want to be better: than the last time, than the person in front of me, always better. Some one loves to say that “if you are honest with youreslf you always want to be the best in the room becuase that makes you a dancer”.  I love this person and if I agree, I also know that that doesn’t really works. I want to be the best in the room that’s the, who doesn’t. But being the best, in my head, is being the one who has improved the  most. Most of the time I at too full out because I want to get better evrty single time. “less is more” is something I have heard more than once in tecnique class. For this reasn I become one of the most annoying persons: in class I don’t laugh, I don’t hear anyone but the teacher and I don’t speak with anyone at any time. After a year I have learned that i don’t need that much power to close 3/4 piroette and I can smile and wiahper to my teamates during wather breaks.


Don’t be afraid

I am not a hip hop person, at all. One of my biggert fears is being the “worst” in class. Trough out this year thanks to the support of teacher and team mate as well as a personal jounery I finally learned to bring to class my alter ego. This is a fun trick if you are not so confident: instead of bing yourself in class be your alter ego, in my case the brave version on myself.

Always on the same tune this year tought me to don’t be afraid of going full out. Really full out. Has bees an incredible experience to dance to my emotional limit. Pass that barrier and experiece new emotions and feeling si somthing I am really really proud of. The most amazing thing is that there’s no actual limit and as long as you push youself; you can always push yourself behond your believes.


I hope you found this post somehow intresting. I am incredibely gratfull for all the opportunity I had this year and I am glad to be able to share them. den’t matter what you love to do, keep doing it and keep growing and being humble. If you want to follow me in my adventures I’m on Instagram. I hope to se you soon. Mirta.

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