A year as an exchange student

Hi world, I know this website is completely dead but in the past year, I have been pretty busy living my life. I have been doing an international year from Italy to Toronto, Canada. This year feels like an entire life squeezed in eight months. I have been learning, crying, laughing and loving more than ever before.

For the first time of my life, I was asked to think and speak for myself, none was doing it for me. I was really lucky since long the way I found people ready to share experiences and supported me whenever my superpower went away.

Being an exchange student doesn’t mean that you are exonerated by the harshness of life, not at all. Despite that knowing that I have just that time to spend with people I cared about and no time to waste on people toxic for me. This life taught me to say yes to anything that comes your way, you never know. A living being almost free allowed me to discover the beauty of the simple things like walking for ours without a destination.

This trip would have been worthless without the people who I had the pleasure to share a little walk of my journey with. I am a dancer and I need to give a special mention to some of my dance teacher for making me take a lot of risks this year. I have come a long way under many lights, that was possible because I have the chance to learn from people who are hungry to improve themselves and excel in their profession every day. The second mention goes to my friend, that handful of people that made the cold winter a little bit warmer.

The second mention goes to my friends, that handful of people that made the cold winter a little bit warmer. Gabi, Sam, Giulia and  Martina are some of the people that I will always bring with me for different reasons.  Some of them are now as sisters, some the person I would be in another life, some the girl boss that makes my day, some just amazing human being. I can’t wait for my two (3) Canadian girl to come visit Italy (yes, I will get you to the other side of the world) and see these amazing woman kick asses and change the world.


At the end of this long day, I am sad to leave this amazing city that will always feel a lot like home. Despite that, I am really excited to bring all these experiences in the adventure that’s about to begin. I am not dead so hopefully, I will find time to keep you updated on what’s going on in my crazy life.

Love you all, xoxo Mirta.


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