Year abroad: Tips from student to student

  1. Home is not a place; home is a feeling. I have not been the luckiest, my host “family” is not a family at all. This situation made me understand that home sometimes is just feeling good with yourself in any condition. One of the most important things I am learning is that my body is my home, Is the only thing I will always have. Sometimes is hard, especially when you are sick and the last thing you want to do is going to your host. Those times you just want desperately to feel safe and cosy. I slept on the floor of my dance studio… thankfully I am anything but a fancy person.



  1. Have fun. I can not believe that six months are already gone. There are so many things to do, so much to explore, do EVERYTHING. There is going to be all the time to make homework, go outside and have fun. Live every day thinking that you are not going to have this opportunity ever again.



  1. Bring stuff that make you feel safe. I know that we are grown up… ish. But bring something with you that reminds you some great time spent back home. It will help you a lot in those moment when you are super tired and homesick.


  1. Culture shock is real. I can tell you that even if you do not realize culture around the world can be very different. I still do not understand how Canadians can do some of the thinks they do every day. How can anyone else in the world live without bidè?


Hi guys, January was defenatelly the hardest moth I’ve has so far since I have been in Canada. But I really think that in order to grow up is necessary to suffer a little bit of pain. I will try to post a little bit more regoularely but I can not promise anything. See you soom Mirtagf.

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