2017 goals

I have graet hopes for 2017, 2016 has been the most amazing year of my life and I really want 2017 to be even better. There are 3 thinks I want to focus this year: Dance and how to improve it, work on my consistency and live my adventures.


Dance is one of the main spot in my life, I strive to get better and better in any way possible and as every year I want to go on and see how much I can accomplish in 365 days. I just started exploring the psychological aspect of the training and the preparation and I can’t wait to go deeper.


Consistency in the key for everything in life. I’m very consistency but I don’t believe in myself and it makes me want to give up. I need to work on not giving up this year. In order to reach this goal I want to take some of the things I love to do, and some of the things I want to learn about and try to push me with them.


Adventures are something that makes me happy and in my opinion being happy in one of the main goals in life. I defiantly want to reach goals in life, being happy trough living adventures in one of them.



  1. 52 post (I’m trying but seems impossible )
  2. 52 books (25/52)
  3. 52 movies (45/52)
  4. Write my journal for 3 weeks in a row


  1. start practising yoga
  2. try weight lifting
  3. Get my 6 pack
  4. Start running and stick with it


  1. Do an Ariel
  2. Do 12 fouettè
  3. Get a solo


  1. Dance in the rain
  2. Go to a festival
  3. To a trampoline park
  4. Go paddling
  5. Go sailing
  6. Ride horse
  7. Pillow fight
  8. Built a snowman
  9. Go to Venice
  10. Go camping
  11. Go to a concert
  12. Make a photo album
  13. Eat ice cream for dinner
  14. Drive a car
  15. Carve a pumpkin
  16. Get really tan
  17. Go to Rome
  18. Go climbing


  1. Make at least one new friend
  2. Figure out what I will do in September
  3. Start studying French

I wish 2017 his going to be the best year of your life <3 Love you, Mirta.

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